Arlo Gilbert

CEO and Founder in Austin, Texas

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More startups under my belt than I will admit to. Industries include telecom, search, entertainment, advertising, the funeral industry, and digital health. Currently I've set my sights on enterprise SaaS as a co-founder of Meta SaaS.

I have been an investor & founder, most of the time I do both. I've bootstrapped, raised capital and had an exit. I love new business models.

Some Accomplishments:

  • Bootstrapped my first company from $0 to $50M in annual revenue.
  • Invented & patented a voice search system, you probably use it on your iPhone.
  • Testified in Washington D.C. to make sure jailbreaking your iPhone remained legal.

I am the proud father of two amazing daughters who teach me every day how to be a better person.

The two people I look up to the most in the world are my father and uncle. I hope I leave as rich of a legacy.

Meeting interesting entrepreneurs & investors over a cup of coffee is one of my favorite things to do, so lets get together and change the world!